• Can therapy be an experience?

    Its that time of year when the summer season begins to evolve into fall. As I write this, pumpkin spice abounds and reminders of Halloween are all around us. Its hard to imagine that in just a few weeks’ time we will begin preparing for the holiday season and all that goes with it.

    And then….all those New Years Resolutions about how we are going to change our lives for the better! I wonder how many of those resolutions you made back in January are still relevant now in October?

    I invite you to consider, during this season of change, to think about your experience in therapy….or even take a moment to explore therapy…if you have been wanting to make positive changes in your life.

    I am an Orlando EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist that believes our attachment styles show up in our everyday relationships. We have so many relationships in our lives…..with family members, with friends, co-workers, folks at groups we belong to, church relationships…the list can really go on and on can’t it?

    But what about the most important relationship? The relationship you have with yourself. I believe that when we live with inner harmony with ourselves, we can begin to share that space with the world around us. Has your inner self been nudging at you to begin exploring some of the tough experiences from earlier in your life? Have you noticed that sometimes you are a bit cranky, moody or can’t settle down? Do you wonder sometimes if people really like you? Do you struggle to spend time alone?

    Could it be time to use EMDR with Expressive Arts Therapy to work through some of those tough experiences from so long ago that are affecting your life today?

    In a warm, compassionate, friendly and non-judgmental space, we will work together to unearth some of those long-standing beliefs and behavior patterns that could be causing you distress in your life today. I believe therapy can and should be an experience to savor, enjoy and provide the space to allow you to grow into your best self.

    Located in Southwest Orlando, on Sand Lake Rd. just off I-4, you will find my therapy space to be a delightful place to be….a comfortable and cozy haven free from the noise, distractions and over stimulation of the outside world.

    I happily welcome children, adolescents and adults into the therapy experience I strive to provide, in whatever the context of your relationship. People come to therapy individually, with their children, as a family and within the context of their couple or romantic relationship.

    So as the leaves begin to change and pumpkin spice flows freely, consider that it may be your turn for the leaves of change. We can get to work this fall so that your spring season is beautiful with abundant new blooms of flowers and vibrant colors.

    I look forward to welcoming you to my therapy experience. Please feel free to reach out today for a vibrant tomorrow.

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