Welcome to Your Journey!

And congratulations for gathering the courage to taking the first step to becoming your best self.

Do the people in your world see you as having it all together…but you wonder how you are going to get through the next day as you lay awake at 3:00am staring at the ceiling?

People see your life as amazing….and you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning

Do you want to stop and smell the roses, but the flat tire you had this morning felt like the end of the world, ruining your day?

People see you as having a:

Your life all together

Awesome career

Wonderful marriage

Perfect House

Cute Kids

Your life looks perfect on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but when you take a breath, you notice how lonely you are at a party filled with friendly people.   Grabbing another glass of wine or circling the buffet helps to dull the emptiness you are experiencing.

You want to be the perfect parent and handle it all yourself

You want to be adulting, and so often feel like a 10-year-old

Your kid’s behaviors are communicating that something is way off track

Your romantic relationship feels like a trainwreck

You are in over your head.

There are changes in your adolescent’s life that you can’t quite put your finger on while you search for words to share that never seem to come out right.   You realize blending two families is easier said than done, and much different, but equally as difficult, as being a single parent.

There are experiences from your childhood that you thought were no big deal, but now you have nightmares that wake you up when you do manage to sleep.

You were told that you are “too sensitive”, or to “suck it up buttercup”….SO YOU DID.

And now you forgot how to FEEL THE “FEELS” while lost in racing thoughts, perfectionism and non-stop “doing”

On the outside, you appear to have the perfect life.  On the inside, WHERE IT MATTERS MOST, you are falling apart.  In the quiet of the shower, your car, the middle of the still night…..you think to yourself….THERE HAS TO BE MORE THAN THIS.

You are right….there is so much more

You know something must change, NOW!  Growth for you and the relationship with yourself is waiting for you.

It’s time to listen to those silenced parts of yourself that have so much to share

As someone who continues to walk the journey to become my best self, I GET IT.

Life is joyful, beautiful and filled with loving abundance…JUST ON THE OTHER SIDE of perfectionism, crazy filled schedules and silenced inner voices.

Close your eyes and imagine with me for a moment….

Imagine not having to juggle all the balls in the air

Imagine laughing at your imperfections rather than beating yourself up

Imagine growing to learn that you are enough and worthy, just as you are

Imagine becoming the person you were meant to be before the world told you who to be

Let’s roll up our sleeves together and get to the root of your distress.

Your world is waiting for your genuine brilliance and authentic self.