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    Trauma Transformation

    It feels as if it is all too much! The overwhelm, the dread, the anxiety. Each day you realize it is harder and harder to stay present. It may even feel like parts of yourself are running all over the place doing their own thing while you wonder where you may have lost control of your life. In your head, you intelligently know the trauma is over. Yet, it feels as if it is still happening right now.

    When trauma comes into our lives, either by a recent event or remembering a long-ago experience, there may be a host of symptoms that come with it. You may have been told you/they have, symptoms of a trauma reaction that include PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a Bi-Polar disorder, Dissociative Qualities, Disordered Eating, ADHD, Attachment Injuries, Behavioral Issues or many other symptoms on the trauma spectrum.

    In our work together, we go beyond the label that may have been put on you and focus on the healing. We believe in working together to discover, “What happened to you?”, rather than focusing on “What’s wrong with you?”.

    Trauma comes from those insidious events that find their way into our lives and rip at the core of who we are. Before trauma can be transformed into meaning, it is important that we work together to help you navigate healing from the effects of physical, sexual, domestic or emotional abuse. Trauma itself may include being raised in a childhood household ridden with neglect and attachment injuries.

    Living in “trauma time” is no fun and casts a fog over the amazing life experiences you deserve to savor. Whatever the situation, we can work together to bring an environment of healing forward and peace to your life.

    We look forward to learning more about your story and the wonderful strategies you developed to survive what could have been unsurvivable. Together we will celebrate your resiliency that is now bringing you to your time of healing.

    We imagine you feel lost, alone, and are filled with dread and despair. When you see other people living in joy, you wonder why you have been left out. It’s all too much to carry, your feeling exhausted and alone. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and release the grip that past trauma has on your life.