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    Hi! Come on in!

    I am Amy, the courageous designer and architect of the tapestry of my own life.

    I am a beach lover, Golden Retriever nurturer and Joy Warrior.   I never met an avocado I didn’t like.  I value connection, intuitiveness and love of humanity, nature and books.   I crave connection and belonging.

    I am passionate about partnering with people who wish to create and sustain an exceptional life filled with joy, love, balance and flow


    Somewhere along the way I finally learned that we are all on a long journey “home”….home to that place within ourselves that is filled with the peace and joy of leaning into our authentic and genuine selves.

    When I was a kid, I frequently felt “that homesick feeling” in my belly. I felt it all the time…with my family, at school, with friends, on a beach vacation. Sometimes I had the courage to share with my people what I was feeling, as I was curious and wanted to be connected to others by sharing my inside feeling experience. Many times, my courageous share was met with silence, disinterest or dismissive words.   My soul felt crushed, abandoned, alone and isolated.

    I learned to numb my feelings, disconnect from my tough childhood experiences and move far away from the person I was meant to be. I left “home” while growing up, and stepped into the person everyone else wanted me to be.

    My journey to become a therapist began the moment I was born, although it would take me decades to realize that. The universe was keenly aware of its job to equip me with profound experiences throughout my lifespan to allow me to step fully and deeply into my mid-life calling of becoming a therapist. I thought my journey began a handful of years ago…silly me! Divine wisdom and the universe conspired together many moons ago, and did a thorough job preparing me. When I feel down and struggle with the “why me’s” of my childhood experiences, early adult life struggles and blah, blah, blah….I take a breath and feel thankful that my unique journey has prepared me to be present on the journey with you as you begin to hold space for your “home”.

    I am a highly sensitive and multi-faceted introverted human…and much, much more.

    I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies, just three weeks after my 50th birthday and the death of my mother. Wow, that was a wild emotional experience. Going back to finish my undergrad degree was a “check off the box” activity to allow me to take care of requirements for grad school. Even though my soul knew I was meant to be a therapist, there were some obligations that had to be met along the way. I excitedly graduated from Rollins College in May 2017 with a Master of Arts degree in Mental Health Counseling and Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

    I began college at 18, flunked out at 19 and opened a dance studio at 20. During the next dynamic 15 years of my life, I soaked in being the creative director of one of Eastern Pennsylvania’s most vibrant dance studios for youth. I loved the kids, their families, our accomplishments together…it was an amazing season of my life. Many of those students now have families of their own and are treasured friends I hold close in my heart.

    I am a mom of amazing adult kids who are the center of my world.  Samantha is a professional golfer and loving Dog Mom.  C.J. and his lovely wife, Madison, live in VA with their mischievous cat and full life of outdoor adventures.

    My husband and I find tremendous joy in our long term marriage that spans three decades, raising children (and dogs), being each other’s best friend and helping each other become the best version of ourselves.  We keenly understand that childhood wounding can show up in our partnerships and shake us to our core when we lack the skills to navigate the rough waters. Our marriage was rocked and we spent years apart, yet never out of love with each other.  We found our way back to each other and a fabulous relationship. Our greatest joy is sharing our lives with our adult kids and our spunky Golden Retriever, Yoddha.

    Being a therapist isn’t a job for me, it’s a way of life. My calling intermingles with my world view and walk through life. I hope to be kind, loving, compassionate when I am kayaking, at the movies, with my friends, traveling, at the beach or reading a book….and sometimes my humanity kicks in and I mess it all up with harsh words, a frustrating sigh, emotional overload, my own need for control or the dreaded perfectionism riding shotgun in my life. That’s when I turn inward to the parts of myself that need nurturing and find calm in the stillness of meditation

    Those are the times when I know it is time to pause, breathe, and remember to return “home” to myself. Helping you return to your “home” and be the person you are meant to be is my passion.

     Our work together differs from traditional “talk therapy”.   As we get to know each other and build a relationship, we’ll use tools and techniques that may help you feel better quickly.  We’ll focus on calming the chaos in your mind, body and spirit so you can exhale and feel at ease again.

    EXCITING NEWS! During 2024 we will slowly begin transitioning to a holistically based group practice in Florida, Virginia, and South Carolina, led by Amy Wagner. As new therapists join our team, you will be introduced to them here. This exciting growth will allow us to offer more healing opportunities for our community.