• Design a Life to Celebrate

    Have you been trying to handle tough experiences and struggles on your own for a longtime? Are there many days it feels as if you are trying to out run a tsunami that is ready to engulf your entire world at any moment? Do you feel that your emotions are controlling your life?

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    Whatever the struggles are that are bringing you into therapy, there is a way out to the other side. Nothing is TOO big, TOO awful, or TOO permanent.

    We can work through it all together.

    Our work together will be highly personalized to illuminate exactly what YOU are seeking out of your therapy.

    We will work together to identify the tough and icky places in your life, or quiet moments of pain or struggles that are screaming out loud for attention.

    We will give space for all those experiences to be heard and felt….and then work together to bring transformation to your life.

    You have dreams you want to feel come true.

    A vision for your life.

    You have goals for your well-being, your career, your relationships, your emotional life and mostly, experiences you want to savor….I understand….I know what it is like to hold a vision in mind for our life yet not quite know what is holding us back or how to get there.

    It’s your time to take back your life and design a life worth celebrating.

    I look forward to celebrating with you.